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24th February 18

This Month's Newsletter


The Federation Newsletter (and previous editions) can be accessed using the link below.

Federation Newsletter

Posted: 21st Feb 2018 Federation Head Teacher Proposal February 2018 : Adobe Acrobat file (161.2k)
Posted: 19th Feb 2018 Year 6 SATS Meeting - Both Schools : Adobe Acrobat file (220.3k)

Image result for sats exams

Posted: 19th Feb 2018 Holiday Arrangements 2018 / 2019 : Adobe Acrobat file (140.9k)


The School Session times for the Academic Year 2018 / 2019 have been finalised by the Governing BodyImage result for school holidays clipart and are given in the attached file. 

Posted: 9th Feb 2018 Half Termly Payments Both Schools : Word file (46.6k)

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Class Masses


You will be aware that Father Clarke has the responsibility for an ever-increasing Catholic community. In addition to our own two churches (and schools) he is now in charge of St Mary's, Clayton (which also has a school) and in the near future may be responsible for St Charles', Rishton (Church and School) Consequently, school and class masses will happen less frequently than in previous years. We are using this as an opportunity to strengthen the links between our infant and junior classes so that each 'class mass' will involve a class from the Juniors sharing with a class from the infants. The programme for this year is given below.

Date Venue Classes
Wednesday 15th November 2017 St Hubert's School Hall

Miss Hillary and

Miss Jameson

Thursday 16th November 2017 St Wulstan's Church

Miss Seedall / Miss Makinson

Mrs Skipp and Miss Bertwistle

Wednesday 21st March 2018 St Hubert's School Hall

Mrs Whalley and

Miss Hayes

Thursday 22nd March 2018  St Wulstan's Church

Mrs Walsh 

Mrs Stewart and

Mrs Ruddy

Wednesday 2nd May 2018 St Hubert's School Hall

Mrs Brooks and

Mrs Hammerton

Thursday 3rd May 2018 St Wulstan's Church

Mrs Sturgess and

Mrs Baron


Please note these masses are in addition to the whole school masses which are organised throughout the year.


Letters you may have missed this week - St Hubert's


The following letters were sent out from St Hubert's School this week. 

Posted: 6th Feb 2018 St Hubert's PTFA Trip to Haydock Races : Adobe Acrobat file (201.1k)
Posted: 25th Jan 2018 Sing Together March 2018 (Class 5 only) : Adobe Acrobat file (221.9k)

Letters you may have missed this week - St Wulstan's


The following letters were sent out from St Wulstan's School this week.

Posted: 25th Jan 2018 Sing Together March 2018 (Year 6 only) : Adobe Acrobat file (221.9k)

St Hubert's Teacher's Special Award


St Wulstan's Teacher's Special Award


St Hubert's Good Behaviour Award

Posted: 23rd Feb 2018

St Wulstan's Good Behaviour Award


100% Attendance Award


School attendance is very important and 100% attendance is a magnificent achievement. 100% attendance means no absences or appointments or missed sessions whatsoever. Only a relatively small number of children achieve this and they are featured on the links below.

Follow the link for St Hubert's or St Wulstan's.

Maths Progress and English Progress.


Each term, a child from each Year Group is awarded a small trophy for Progress in Maths with a similar award for Progress in English. Photographs of the recipients of these accolades are given on the home page of each school. Follow the link for St Hubert's or St Wulstan's.