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27th September 16

This Week's Newsletter


The Federation Newsletter (and previous editions) can be accessed using the link below.

Federation Newsletter

A true role model for young people.


The Olympic and Paralympic games captured the interest of the nation and several competitors became household names overnight. There is talk of honours for the athletes and the list of superlatives used to describe them is endless. So many of our children look to sportspeople as role models and many of them truly deserve this accolade. Others fall short of the mark and display behaviour which has no place in sport. The link below shows an example of supreme sportsmanship and captures  a truly inspirational incident at the end of the World Series Triathlon in Mexico this week. I would like to think that our children would take the Brownlee Brothers for role models - see what you think.

Watch it now.

Upcoming Event: St Hubert's PTFA Cinema Night


St Hubert's PTFA are hosting another fantastic cinema night
on Wednesday 28th September from 3:30pm-5:45pm.

Come and watch the brilliant Zootopia!

Tickets are priced at £3.50 and will include a hotdog, biscuit and drink.

Please send money into school in a sealed envelope marked "Cinema Night".


High School Transfer - link to application form


Incredible as it may seem, parents of children in Year Six should already be considering their choice of High School for next September. The application process is now open and all applications should be made through the one central link given below. 

If you require any further information or help accessing thisform, please contact the school.

Mrs Lund, a former pupil at St Wulstan's School and a staff member at St Hubert's School for the best part of 30 years has announced her intention to take early retirement at the end of the Autumn Term. She has asked that I stress the word EARLY! All families should have received a letter explaining the background to this very difficult decision, a copy of which is attached to this item.  As the letter explains, it has been a particularly  difficult decision for Mrs Lund to take but I hope that, having taken it, she will begin to look forward to concentrating on  her (demanding) role of Mother and Grandmother. We will not let her go without marking the occasion but that is for the future. As Mrs Lund herself would say, there is a whole term to get through so lets make it her best term yet. She will leave a space that is hard to fill.

Tudor Project - link to the website


The Tudor Period is a fascinating one and is certain to capture the imagination of the children. The Mary Rose Trust in conjunction with Swansea University and Oxford University have created a website which allows members of the public access to 3D images of artefacts discovered on the Flagship of Henry Vlll which sank in 1545. These include the skull of an on-board Carpenter, many of the carpenter's tools and some panels from the vessel. The site uses a process called PHOTOGRAMMETRY which allows the user to rotate and study the artefacts from any angle. It really is worth a look. The link below will take you to this fascinating site:

Mary Rose



Thank you for looking at our website which we hope will prove helpful to you. Whenever you are on-line there is the potential for unwanted or unsuitable material to appear. In order to stay safe when using the web, please take some time to look at our LINKS page where you will find further links to sites which provide good advice for all web and internet users. There is addtional information given below which may be of use.

Top Tips for Staying Safe Online


It is important to ensure that your child is kept safe when using the internet. It is a great idea to add 'restrictions' in order to limit content. This can be very easily done. Some internet service providers provide this as part of their package. An alternative is to set them up yourself. Below you will find sets of instructions to explain how to do this on both Microsoft and Apple products.

Another way in which you can protect your child from the content they are viewing is by encouraging them to use child friendly search engines. Please find a list of ones that we advise to use below. By using these sites, the search engines filter results to child friendly websites. Not only limiting pictures and content but ranking results which use child friendly language. These will be great for when they are completing any research tasks!

Apple Restrictions : Adobe Acrobat file (259.4k)

Religious Education Inspection - Wednesday 19th October


St Hubert's School will receive a Section 48 (Religious Education) Inspection on Wednesday 19th October.  St Wulstan's were inspected by the Diocesan Inspectors last May (2015) and received a good report - a link to this report is available on the St Wulstan's Section of the website. We are hoping for an equally positive report for St Hubert's.

Our Stars this week are.........

Star of the Week
  St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Alexandra Bentley

Terry Ackers
Year 1

Rachel Masterson

Summer Holder

Year 2

Ellie Jones

Orla Shaw

Year 3

Jack Rogerson

Lena Sabik

Year 4

Oliver Parker

Nicola Partyka

Year 5

Ben McNamara

Samuel Holden

Year 6 Daniel Martin

Ruqaiya Hussain


Marvellous Manners
St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Joseph Palich

Lottie Kenyon

Hughie Parker

Jude Eatough / Jacob Dowling

Lewis Rogerson

Krystian Weber



Mia Grant

Ethan Baxter

Zuzanna Partyka

Jackson Davis / Aaron Sanderson

Jason Cronshaw

Malachi Forsyth

Erin Wilson



Perfect Presentation
St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Evie Thomas

Lucy Wright

Emma Bleeks

Niamh Corrigan

Megan O'Doherty


Kai Harding

Natalia Angotti

Chloe Wagstaff

Isabel Youds

Magan Dickinson

Molly Longson

Georgia Miller

The attached file provides diary dates for the Federation. Please note that dates are sometimes changed due to unforeseen circumstances.