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19th February 17

This Week's Newsletter


The Federation Newsletter (and previous editions) can be accessed using the link below.

Federation Newsletter

Several families have been enquiring about school session times for the Academic Year  commencing September 2017. The attached document has been approved by the Governors and gives term time openings for the year in question. It will also be available on the Federation Information page.

Do you monitor your child's phone usage?


I wrote an item in last week's newsletter (link above) referring to a serious incident involving some of our children. There is no suggestion that the children were to blame, but they were exposed to totally unsuitable and inappropriate behaviour (on line) from an adult male - not known to them. Like so many young people, they had been using one of the many messaging sites (ooVoo) and ended up receiving unsolicited communication of a very unsavoury nature. Please be aware of the potential for this to occur and take time to discuss 'phone use with your child. I know that many children are able to access their 'phones after bedtime and very many 'cyber offences' ( bullying / messaging etc.) happen after 8pm. Please do not permit your child to bring a 'phone to school - there is no need whatsoever as we will always make contact in an emergency. A small core of parents still permit their child to bring a 'phone to school. These are locked in the office all day. However, there have been instances of messages and images being shared with friends on the way home over which we (and you) have no control. Please take responsibility for your child's 'phone use - all children are vulnerable.

Letters you may have missed this week - St Hubert's


The following letters were sent out from St Hubert's School this week. 

Letters you may have missed this week - St Wulstan's


The following letters were sent out from St Wulstan's School this week.

Our Stars this week are.........

Star of the Week
  St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Georgina Eddleston

Jake Barcroft
Year 1

Benjamin Ashworth

Jakobie Moreton

Year 2

Charlie Dinsdale

Theo Brunt

Year 3

Dana Bradley

Lena Sabik

Year 4

Charlie Southworth

Nicola Partyka

Year 5

Oliver Parker

Mia Bracewell

Year 6 Leoni Hoyle

Harley Landsberger

Marvellous Manners
St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Tyler Westwell

Ethan Gregson

Noah Tootell

Max Robinson

Charlie Southworth

Cian Dallison


Oliver Cunliffe

Bartek Ryczek

Jaydon Cunliffe

Isla Pickford

Sam Latham

Oliver Lord

Erin Wilson





Perfect Presentation
St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Elias Crisp

Lottie Kenyon

Deacon Bradley

Alexandra Eddleston

Kiran Rawal

Lucy Chislett

Roman Blackledge

Angelina Fitzharris

Owen Polllard

Isabel Youds

Lexia Briggs

Kay Pickin

Adam Whalley

Half Term, Gold Awards, Lunchtime VIP and Writing awards.


Each half term, children are rewarded for consistently following our Golden Rules. Recognition is also made for those children who have made great strides with their writing. Finally, those children who help to make Lunchtime a more pleasurable experience are rewarded with a seat at the VIP table. Details of the recipients of these accolades are given on the home page of each school. Follow the link for St Hubert's or St Wulstan's.