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30th March 17

This Week's Newsletter


The Federation Newsletter (and previous editions) can be accessed using the link below.

Federation Newsletter

End of Term Holiday


The schools will close at 2pm on Friday 24th March for the end of term holiday. I hesitate to call it the Easter holiday as we will be returning to school on Monday 10th April i.e. Holy week which leads up to the Easter Weekend. The Feeder schools of St Augustine's have coordinated their holiday patterns in order to minimise disruption for families with children at a feeder primary and at High School. Easter is relatively late this year and our normal holiday pattern - two weeks following the Easter weekend - would have taken schools right into the exam season. However, we have maintained the tradition of working during Holy Week in accordance with Diocesan guidance. 

Workmen will be arriving at both schools during the holiday period. Hopefully, they will complete the project at St Hubert's School before our return. However, the building project at St Wulstan's will last until July and parents are asked to be extra vigilant when arriving at school next term. The letter below - see St Wulstan's 'Letters you may have missed' - provides details of the project.

Meanwhile, have a happy and restful break. Children - stay safe and always listen to your parents' instructions and we will see you back in school on Monday 10th April 2017.

St Wulstan's School was inspected by Ofsted on Tuesday 21st February 2017. The HMI conducting the inspection was Mrs Shirley Gornall accompanied by Ms Nusret Ellahi. 

I am delighted to inform you that the report is now available for publication and is given as an aattachment to this item. The School was inspected under Section 8 of the Education Act 2005 which means that Inspectors are looking to see if the school retains the previous judgement of Good.

The headline statement of the report read, 'The School Continues to be Good' 

Please download a copy using the link. Alternatively, a hard copy will be provided on request by contacting the school office at St Wulstan's.

My thanks and congratulations to the children, families and staff for creating an atmosphere in which, to quote from the report, there is  "A thirst for learning among pupils at St Wulstan's who evidently Believe to Achieve"

Letters you may have missed this week - St Hubert's


The following letters were sent out from St Hubert's School this week. 

Letters you may have missed this week - St Wulstan's


The following letters were sent out from St Wulstan's School this week.

Our Stars this week are.........

Star of the Week
  St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Elias Crisp

Kai Harling
Year 1

James Thomson

Laaiba Hussain

Year 2

Evie Holden

Annabelle Partridge

Year 3

Max Robinson

Jackson Davis

Year 4

Jamie Usborne

Lexia Briggs

Year 5

Cooper Baron

Georgia Eccles

Year 6 Daniel Martin

Erin Wilson

Marvellous Manners
St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Lily Haworth

Finley O'Connor

Alicia Walsh

Paige Patton

Lucas Miller

Ben Calvert


Scarlett Brady

Lillie Whalley

Liam Barnes

Charlie Bracewell

Magen Dickinson

Carys Ashton

Teo Cazacu





Perfect Presentation
St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Lyla Donaldson

Jacques Baxter

Evie Holden

Jack Rogerson

Jacob Dowling

Davie Holden

James Walker


Caleb Walker

Max Ashworth

Alisha Sutcliffe

Isla Pickford

Kaya Taylor

Sam Archer


Half Term, Gold Awards, Lunchtime VIP and Writing awards.


Each half term, children are rewarded for consistently following our Golden Rules. Recognition is also made for those children who have made great strides with their writing. Finally, those children who help to make Lunchtime a more pleasurable experience are rewarded with a seat at the VIP table. Details of the recipients of these accolades are given on the home page of each school. Follow the link for St Hubert's or St Wulstan's.