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26th June 16



Dear Website User,

Thank you for looking at our website which we hope will prove helpful to you. Whenever you are on-line there is the potential for unwanted or unsuitable websites to appear. In order to stay safe when using the web, please take some time to look at our LINKS page where you will find further links to sites which provide good advice for all web and internet users.

This Week's Newsletter


The Federation Newsletter (and previous editions) can be accessed using the link below.

Federation Newsletter

Top Tips for Staying Safe Online


It is important to ensure that your child is kept safe when using the internet. It is a great idea to add 'restrictions' in order to limit content. This can be very easily done. Some internet service providers provide this as part of their package. An alternative is to set them up yourself. Below you will find sets of instructions to explain how to do this on both Microsoft and Apple products.

Another way in which you can protect your child from the content they are viewing is by encouraging them to use child friendly search engines. Please find a list of ones that we advise to use below. By using these sites, the search engines filter results to child friendly websites. Not only limiting pictures and content but ranking results which use child friendly language. These will be great for when they are completing any research tasks!

Robinwood Trip - Meeting for Parents - Thursday 23rd June at St Wulstan's


The Residential Outing to Robinwood for our Year 6 children takes place between Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th July 2016. The children will have the opportunity to spend three days and two nights away from home and school, often for the first time. Every year, there is a mixure of apprehension and excitement during the build up to the trip, from children and parents alike.  There will be a meeting for the parents of children taking part in this trip on Thursday 23rd June at 5.30pm in St Wulstan's School.

The purpose of the meeting is to outline all the arrangements for the trip and also to try to alleviate any concerns you may have about allowing your child to take part. Every year, children return from this trip invigorated and buzzing with excitement - it is a great preparation for the transfer to High School, as staff and children have the chance to see each other in a completely different setting.


The meeting will last no more than an hour and you will have the opportunity to share any, and all, necessary information with the teachers who will be directly responsibile for your child throughout the trip. Please do try to attend. 

Apple Restrictions : Adobe Acrobat file (259.4k)

Our Stars this week are.........

Star of the Week
  St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Aurelia Bechcinska

Madeline Partridge
Year 1 Maxx Easton James Clegg
Year 2 Maria Whiteley Travis Ackers
Year 3 Layla O'Neil Matthew Smith
Year 4

Roxy Patton

Alex Leonard
Year 5 Harrison Crook Brock Irving
Year 6 Triathlon Team Ebony Harrison

Marvellous Manners
St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Benjamin Ashworth

Charlie Dinsdale

Shaw Hawcroft

Jack Bilton / Ava Mahony

Lewis Rogerson

Ellie-Marie Riley


Chloe Fielden

Harry Eccleston

Jacob Dickinson

Keira Richardson

Lewis Procter

Ethan Williams



Perfect Presentation
St Hubert's St Wulstan's

Ava Clarke

Ava Grimshaw

Noah Baron

Lana Caulfield

Jayden Lawrie

Lily McMurrough


Zack Whalley

Annabelle Partridge

Charlie Bracewell

Magen Dickinson

Jodie Woods

Ebony Harrison


Half Term, Gold Awards, Lunchtime VIP and Writing awards.


Each half term, children are rewarded for consistently following our Golden Rules. Recognition is also made for those children who have made great strides with their writing. Finally, those children who help to make Lunchtime a more pleasurable experience are rewarded with a seat at the VIP table. Details of the recipients of these accolades are given on the home page of each school. Follow the link for St Hubert's or St Wulstan's.

The attached file provides diary dates for the Federation. Please note that dates are sometimes changed due to unforeseen circumstances.